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light (lit) n, definition: that which makes things visible.
NEW Product choices...Star-Light theme projected onto a building, floor, wall, landscape or other structure with laser light! 
Marine Dock piling caps-Illuminated!
Also reduces piling rot and bird droppings...add some punch to your dock...can be in red, green or blue too!
Before planning an outdoor lighting project, consider the space and how its to be used. Think of Placement-Performance-Proportion-Preference. This way a proper design can be built to match your expectations. A live night scene demo of a particular area, may answer some of those questions and provide a visual road map of what can be done.
A simple design can address the lighting needs for each task or downlighting for an outdoor barbecue area. Or, step and path lighting for safety around walks. We should
also look at accent lighting to uplight or down light certain focal points in the landscape, as well as area lighting for the pool, lawn, deck or patio living. Observe (demo) what it may look like from the inside too! If you have lighting already, what can be upgraded/changed or controlled differently today? Finally, review what else can enhance that location, outside audio, statuary, art object or perhaps a water feature?
Resort Lighting is focused on providing high-quality installations of outdoor lighting products, through proper design and timely service. We are an advocate for efficient energy-management through our demonstrations, presentations and our core principles.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we"ll mix the science and the art of a lighting project for your home, water feature, art work or small business.
We use a 4-tier control system hierarchy to meet your system control needs as follows: 
Platinum, is a home automation system platform that can work with landscape lighting and /or add on HVAC, pools-spa, audio, in-home lighting, gates, security, etc., It can all work remotely from a PC or smart phone.
Gold, is total system control from the home of your landscape lighting. 
Blue, uses wireless RF control to add versatility to your outdoor system.
Silver, provides control of the systems on/off times from each control center using simple timers with an astrological feature to track year long sunrise and sunset .
Each provides a quality option to fit most situations.
Enjoying your landscape lighting system is important to us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Ask us about home automation systems, water features, pond aeration systems and outdoor audio too!