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Landscape Lighting Questions/FAQ
Q: We live in a coastal area, do you have fixtures that can take these extreme weather conditions?
A: We use all-weathered brass fixtures, long lasting materials built tough to withstand our rugged environment.
Q: My home has a small terraced area with some very nice landscape details, can it be illuminated?
A: Yes, by paying careful attention to the levels of light and fixture placement, we can create a lighting scene that highlights the unique features of that area, and by not overwhelming it, with too much light.
Q: Will you be able to service and maintain my lighting system after its been installed?
A: Yes, we are set-up to adjust, re-lamp and service the system throughout its life-cycle, service agreements will be available with the frequency determined by you, or site circumstance.
Q: I am interested in replacing my current outdoor lighting system, because the lamps seem to burn out frequently, how is yours different?
A: We use a proven power management system that distributes the proper voltage to every fixture. In balancing the power properly, lamp life is extended, to maximize performance. Most of our lamps, last on average, 4 years, LED's, even more.
Q: I have heard alot about LED lighting. Is that something you do too?
A: Yes. LED has come a long way in the last two years. Many manufacturer's now offer LED as an option. It can reduce energy consumption by up 75%. It also simplifies the design process. However, upfront costs are typically higher, but can be re-couped over the life-cost of the system.
Q: Can LED lamps replace the lamps on my existing lighting system?
A: Yes, certain minor voltage rules would apply, but for the most part it would be considered a premium upgrade and conserve 60-80% of the historical energy use from your pre-existing lamps. Some LED's have a lamp life of 30,000-40,000 hours.
Q: Landscape lighting should be enjoyed at night, I have seen lighting systems where the fixtures are quite visible during the day, how do you prevent such a distraction?
A: We make every effort to have the fixture blend into the local environment, whether its in a tree, next to or in a wall system, or establishing a pathway to an entrance or exit...our goal is the light, not the source. Of course there are some instance's where the fixture will be seen, but by using only premium components, those that are most visible, are not only strategically placed to provide the effect you'll need but are visually appealing both in style and form.
Q: We have some beautiful art work and a very nice water feature on our property, can you light that up?
A: Yes, some of the best lighting work is built around featuring those type of focal points in a landscape and extending the enjoyment well into the night.
Q: What is the cost of a typical lighting system installation from Resort Lighting?
A: We will work hard to establish your requirements and a realistic budget to light up a project, home or area. Keep in mind, all of our systems can be phased in, by working on high value area's first and the remainder as requested. We will offer our proposals as such, with a menu of the work and options that best fit your project. Typical projects start at approximately $3,500.00.
Q: How about cost to operate?
A: Depending on the local utility rate, we can use this typical formula that factors your, watts used x hours per day x days per month x utility rate, divided by 1000
 Watts x Hours per day x days per month x Utility rate
In this case, lets look at a typical basic system's monthly cost to operate, that uses 1000 watts 4 hours per day at a utility rate at .10 kWh. The investment would be $12.00 per month. Think of that, the beauty of enjoying your landscape without using high wattage flood lights! All for about 0.40 cents a day.
Q: How do we control the systems you install?
A:We use a 4-tier control system approach. Platinum works off of a home automation platform that can do the landscape lighting or add-in other home functions controlled via lap-top or smart phone. Gold is total control of the lighting system direct from the home. Blue uses wireless RF control to add flexibility to your outdoor system. Silver controls each power center with simple on/off technology using astrological features that adjust for the varying sunrise/sunset hours throughout the year.
Q:Can our water features be controlled using these systems too?
A:Yes, most of our water features can also use these same type of controls to operate as designed.
Q:Water features usually require additional services, like keeping it clean and balanced etc., do you provide such maintanence?
A:Yes we can provide the mechanical (aeration/filtration) equipment needed as well as the ecological  programs required to keep a water system in balance and looking good.
Q: Can many of the same design locations also accomodate outdoor audio as well?
A: Of course! We can design in during the intial install, the wiring needed, to bring music outside to your most used area's too. In many cases, it is a natural fit for your enjoyment of your outdoor space(s). 
Q: Who can help manage and look after our home investment out here on Long Island?
A: Look at our sister business website